Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are Tabs evil?


I came across quite a few beginners who learnt by memorizing the notes position without knowing what notes they are pressing.
Some learnt by reading using tabs.

So is it wrong or not very musically inclined to learn a song by reading tabs instead of transcribing with your ears?

In my opinion, one should strike a balance. Firstly, you definitely need to know what notes you are pressing and not just memorize by position (i.e 5th fret on D string is a G note).

Tabs are good tools for beginners to kickstart, but as you grow musically, you should try to use your hearing and figure out the notes.
You may occasionally referred to it when certain songs or bass lines are difficult to transcribe.

After you look at the tabs, see if you can derive the theory behind it and not blindly follow. Maybe from the tabs you learnt that by pressing this note and that note it form a certain chords. See, you are learning something.

Be the master over your learning tool and instrument! :d


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hartke Bass Attack


Just a short sharing of how I use the Harkte Bass Attack VXL Tone Shaper Pre Amp cum DI(Direct Input) if you have no time to read the manual.

1. Plug in your bass to the input and adjust the "Bass" and "Treble". 5 is neutral. My "Bass" is 3 and "Treble" is 6.

2. Step on the "ON/OFF" switch and adjust the "Harmonics", "Mix" and "Brite". " My "Harmonics" is at 4, "Mix" at 1 O'clock(not too dry) and "Brite" at 3.

3. Step on the "SHAPE" switch and adjust the "Shape" knob. I set mine at 850Hz frequency.
For "Shape", it can affect your slapping tone.

For this setting, it depend what sound you want and how you adjust your output's EQ. It also depend how you adjust your bass's preamp(if any). You can get the pure sound of the bass attack by connecting to the effect loop of your amp.

If your bass has a built in preamp, adjust the sound you like first before setting the "Harmonics", "Mix" and "Brite".

Take some time to explore and experiment.

A typical set up propose by the manual is, your bass to input of Bass Attack,the XLR output or line output to mixer and parallel output to amp.

For me, instead of using the parallel output to amp, I used the line output and set the amp as my monitor.

Harkte Bass Attack is designed and engineered in the US by Samson Technologies. Made in China :)

Rugged Aluminium Chassis. You can use a 9V battery or DC adaptor.