Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bass Floor Pod


Want to get a cheaper Line 6 effects?

Check out the new Bass Floor Pod.

The effect comes with 5 different bass amp model and the knob make it easy for you to choose.

Not only that, the Bass Floor Pod has an OPTO compressor and effects like octaver,envelope filter and chorus, making it possible to get a variety of sound.

The in-built pedal definitely make it an essential tool for live performance.

Check it out at for demos and more information.

Any comments? Value for money?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Simple Hammer on Tap


Will like to share with you a simple hammer on tap technique that can sound real fast and not difficult to execute.
Basically, it is just a hammer on with your left hand and a right hand tap.

A right hand tap is achieve by simply pressing the string onto the fingerboard with the tip of your finger.
We will use the G string for this example.

Place you left hand index finger on the 9th fret( E) followed by a hammer on the 10th fret( F) with your middle finger followed by your right index finger tap on the 12th fret (G).

Subsequently, you just hold your left index finger down and alternate between your left hand middle finger(hammer on) and right hand index finger(tap).

When you are comfortable with this position, try moving your right hand index finger to the 14th fret and back to 12th fret. Left hand remain in the same motion.

Give it a try.