Friday, January 28, 2011

Universal 9 Volt DC Power Supply

Recently I bought an effect pedal and realize that the adapter that comes with it supply only 120v but my country uses 220-240v.

To get a transformer to step up could be quite troublesome and bulky.

I found out that we can use an Universal 9 Volt DC Power Supply.

The auto-sensing circuitry runs off 100-240 volts and can use it anywhere in the world.

Take up only one outlet space and makes it easy to travel.

You can check out '1 Spot' by Visual Sound or 'Power All' by Godlyke.

Hope this information is useful.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Improvise using the 5th


We are going to take a look at using the 5th of the chord tones when we improvise.

This lesson helps us to break away from landing on the root especially during solos.

For example if the chord is a Cmaj7, you can land on the G since it is still within the chord tones.

Now try playing the G Arpeggio.

The notes in the G Arpeggio are G, B and D (end with G octave).

G is the 5th of Cmaj7, B is the 7th of Cmaj7 and D is the 9th of the chord.

Have fun.