Friday, February 25, 2011

Bass Clef

The first step to sight reading is to know the notes within the staff.

Some music books use phrases like Good Boys Don't Fight (G B D F) and All Cows Eat Grass (A C E G).

For me, I recognize by chords.

G B D F is a G7 chord and A C E G is an Am7 chord.

Whichever works for you, use it.

Start reading something simple before going into complicated rhythms.


Thursday, February 03, 2011

Minor Chord Substitution

Chord Substitution is common in our music today.

We can replace a chord with another related chord.

Often the substituted chord differs by one or two notes from the original chord.

Before you read this post, it will be good to take a look at my previous lesson - Introduction to Chords Substitution

For example, we can replace an Am7 chord with a Fmaj7 chord.

The notes in the Am7 chord are: A C E G

In the Fmaj7 chord the notes are: F A C E

There is only one note difference between these two chords.

If we have an Em7 chord, we can replace it with a Cmaj7 chord.

You can also replace the Em7 chord with a Gmaj7 chord.

The notes in the Em7 are: E G B D and G B D F# for Gmaj7.

Again the difference is only in one note. You can call this a relative chord.

Hope this helps.