Saturday, September 20, 2008

SMV Thunder Tour (Singapore)

It was my privilege to witness the historical assemblage of Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten in their once-in-a-lifetime Asian tour.

Nothing beats watching them real live on stage.

Most of the songs played were from their Thunder album.

I personally enjoyed Marcus's bass clarinet playing and slapping tone, Victor's looping solo and Stanley's double bass percussive slap and solo.

The show ended with the famous "School Day" tune where the whole audience stood up and clap along.

I believe most musicians that attended the concert is further motivated to bring music to a higher level.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Basic Harmonics


Adding harmonics in your bass playing can be pretty musical.

The example given show a note pressed and the <5> is harmonics on the 5th fret.

You just need to place your finger lightly against the string but not touching the fret.

Try plucking it nearer to the bridge pickup and have a higher treble setting on your amp.

If successful, you will hear an unique chime sound.

For more advance study, please listen to:
1. Jaco Pastorius
2. Stu Hamm
3. Victor Wooten
4. Steve Bailey
5. Vail Johnson
6. Victor Bailey
7. Jeff Berlin
8. Billy Sheehan
9. John Myung
10. Michael Manring
11. and etc

Have fun